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Medea Solutions – Was born in May, 2011, in close collaboration with the former Smart Projects L.L.C. which has become Arduino L.L.C. from Strambino. In the early years of its life, the company’s exclusive activity was that of Arduino boards assembling followed by the assembling of printed circuit boards, TH mounting, testing, packaging and the production of almost all Arduino KIT. Being in close touch with Arduino reality, the company has developed over the years the creation of its own products, from their designing to their creation.
One of the first products designed in the company are the Arduino HOLDER, a practical and manageable system for protecting the Arduino boards and for connecting them to the Breadbord. Closely behind has followed the now famous Arduino ARM that was designed and built by engineers from Medea starting from the prototypes in 3D printing, up to the production of injection molds, in order to cover the worldwide production. Continuing the process of Arduino boards production, the next steps were the construction of the various assembly kits which are now famous almost all over the world, such is the TABLE LAMP, kit fully realized in the factories of Medea Solutions, starting from pieces of Plexiglas cut by Laser and continuing with kit packaging creation and shipping management. Please follow all other kit of Medea products.


Our headquarters

Our headquarters are located in Strambino, in the province of Torino, and is easily accessible via Torino-Aosta motorway exit Scarmagno. In the headquarters of Strambino we have a store where you can see our products in operation and you can directly buy them all; our specialized staff is available to present you the characteristics of the products in which you are most interested.

The company’s objectives are precisely the ones to support the designers, the research laboratories or the companies that need both technical information and information about the prototypes or small production numbers with high technological content in a very short time, needs that with the tendency to produce them abroad and in huge quantity, prevent the access to the production technology, hindering the industrialization for mass production, testing, logistics, distribution and after-sales.

Picking up the challenge of the global market, the company was able to also prevail, thanks mainly to the choice of providing, in addition to finished products, a range of services, including the regulatory compliance, the technological upgrading and the support to the design of the electronic cards.

Achieving the highest quality standards for our business partners is the fundamental mission of the company. The organizational model of our company inspired by a high degree of flexibility as well as by our equipment, allows us to perform the installation and the assembly of the electronic cards related to the different technologies on the market, using the most modern equipment.

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Also offers extensive manufacturing capabilities, supported by constantly renewed means of development, projects, tools and equipment.
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