1. 1 automatic line (40k components/hour)
• Loader
• Screen Print
• Pick and place
• Convention oven:
o 10 top heaters
o 10 bottom heaters
• Unloader


Welding with lead-free alloys
1. 1 wave welding machine with lead-free alloy
Assembling with press-fit connectors
Structural bonding


Over the years, the company has proven to be always in line with the changes imposed by the market and it has invested in research and development resources.
The design team consists of a group of engineers who have extensive experience in electronics related to the industrial and railway sector, at the national and international level.

We are managing every stage of the product life cycle, from feasibility studies to the executive design, to the transfer into production of the electronic boards and complete products, the re-design for managing the obsolescence or finalized to cost reducing.